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PURe Krav Maga

Non-competitive reality, street-based self-defense method, based on an ever-changing set of techniques in Dacula, Georgia. We provide classes for all ages. ALL first classes are FREE to try.

members and trainers of dacula's krav maga fitness studio in Georgia
black training bags for krav maga self defense classes

Our Facility


Our Training center is much more than a place to come and train. It is a place to learn and grow in a tight knit community. We are a family that encourages one another and pushes each other to develop physically, mentally, and spiritually. 
To us, training is more than mats on the floors and heavy bags. It is investing in each of our students, individually, in a way that they know their skills can succeed on and off the mats.

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black training bags for krav maga self defense classes
training at pure krav maga self defense class in dacula georgia










Meet the Masters

krav maga certified instructor tiffini glinka of gwinnett county

Tiffini Glinka

Owner & Lead Instructor

Tiffini was selected as a top student while pursuing her first black belt and asked to train to become an instructor. She rose quickly through both ranks simultaneously. When training with Dr. Itay Gil, she chose to pursue and re-certify her black belt and instructor certifications, as well as an academic achievement of Expert Level Instructor.  Before Tiffini was an instructor, she served as Program Director for a local Krav Maga studio. There she developed a love for training, instruction and empowering others. Her unique abilities to see small details and improvements while encouraging others towards their goals, are some of skills that make her teaching so effective. As a small female, precision and effective skill are just as important as the momentum and aggression to overcome an attack. 


As a gym, we sought out the best leadership around the world and are in constant pursuit of the best training for ourselves, so that we can give the best-in-class training to our students. Out of this love of giving our best, we met Dr. Itay Gil from Israel. He has over 30 years of experience in military and instructing krav maga. He has been a training captain for the Israeli Anti-terrorism task force called YAMAM. He now devotes his life to teaching all around the world in Krav Maga, personal and VIP protection, law enforcement and civilian self defense under Protect Academy. He is also a Board member of the Federation of Israeli Martial Arts (FIMA). We are proud to teach under his leadership and it truly sets us apart in our technique effectiveness and teaching capabilities.

krav maga training class serving buford, dacula and lawrenceville

OUR MISSION is to partner with individuals, families, and our community to make it a safer and stronger place to live and work.  

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